21 thoughts on “Gaist Crusher – 07”

  1. Thanks so much for the episode. ^_^
    Any chance you could upload the 720p mini to Mega like you did with episode 6?

  2. Would really love to see more Gaist subbed. Anxiously waiting for episode 9 as it has some character development on Hayato. Thanks.

  3. Started watching GC just recently, and really enjoying it! If you’re stuck on the english subs, perhaps I can offer some help? I don’t know any Indonesian, but have plenty of experience with Japanese to English translation. Truly appreciate you guys subbing this!

  4. hello, I look at the raws of Gaist crusher sadly pass each week (hard not understand Japanese-_-) and I would still come out the next episodes translated emerge?(because at the moment there are only 7 episodes translated sniff)

    thank you in advance

    1. good luck then. because with the raw output this week (episode that sends heavy and makes me regret that the subs do not follow the same rhythm) that’s 33 episodes to translate! Moreover, when fate episode 8 (if it ever comes out one day maybe) but the following episodes?

    1. Gaist Crusher still halted… and will not continued until I got the mood for it. (maybe next year or later)

      Sorry, don’t expect it too much…

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